About our Community

The City of Heflin, Alabama, in Cleburne County, is located along Interstate 20 partway between Birmingham and Atlanta. The City of Heflin is surrounded by metropolitan areas, from heavily-populated west Georgia to nearby Calhoun County, Alabama. Within just a 15-minute drive resides a ready and willing workforce.

The City of Heflin is your typical small southern town, warm and welcoming to those who live there and those who are visiting. With a rich rural heritage, the City of Heflin is the perfect mix of past and present, urban and rural, industrial, commercial and cultural.

The City of Heflin, AL, offers access to the Talladega National Forest, with canoeing, biking, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and horseback riding. It has an active arts scene, with the addition of the Heflin Community Arts Center in 2007, which is home to ballet, painting, drawing, piano, guitar, and more. There is also a community theatre.

The City of Heflin serves as the county seat for Cleburne County in Northeastern Alabama. Established in 1866 from territory in Calhoun (then Benton), Randolph and Talladega Counties, Cleburne County is home to the Town of Edwardsville, the City of Fruithurst, the City of Heflin and the Town of Ranburne. The City of Heflin is celebrating its 10th year as a designated ACE community and is most recently one of newest designated Main Street Alabama cities.

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